Friday, 27 March 2015

UFO/Alien Base Locations Worldwide

According to some sources within the UFO field, there is information which suggests that the former KGB (now called the FSB) have, at some point, been in possession of a map showing the locations of all the known alien bases on Earth.

It has also been suggested that self-proclaimed alien (Andromedan) contactee Alex Collier (a.k.a. Ralph Amigram / Amigron) was formerly a KGB agent who has been reprogrammed several times by the US government. First as an FBI officer that allegedly discovered an underground reptilian base and went crazy from his discovery and then as a contactee for blue aliens from Andromeda. Before this he was allegedly a military helicopter pilot.

Amazingly, I managed to stumble upon this early video clip of Alex Collier, using the name Alexander Collier, before he had become well known publicly, showing a map of all the alien bases allegedly on Earth. This was before he became well known amongst the UFO community. Many people have since labelled him as a charlatan but either way, his words are fascinating and he's very interesting to listen to in his interviews.

Although he is now officially an American citizen, in the clip Collier appears to have an unusual accent. It should be noted that this is the earliest available clip of Alex Collier that can be found on the internet and was clearly recorded a few years before his famous 1994 video interview with Rick Keefe.

Regardless of whether you believe him or not (and noting that much of his information is very pseudo-scientific in nature), Alex Collier tells a fascinating story and has some great enlightening information to share, much of which he claims came directly from the Andromedans themselves.

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