Saturday, 28 March 2015

Did Jesus Really Die On The Cross?

According to research carried out by Sir Laurence Gardener, author of The Hidden History Of Jesus And The Holy Grail, early Christian church leaders may have taken on beliefs that could have been intentionally distorted, in order to obscure the truth about the true heritage of Jesus Christ.

In 1307, the Knights Templar are said to have taken the Holy Grail (the knowledge of Jesus' true heritage) to Scotland where they buried it underneath Roslyn Chapel. The Knights Templar became a threat to the churches for attempting to reveal what they had claimed was the real truth about the heritage of Jesus Christ.

According to Gardener, Jesus Christ did not really die on the cross, he was actually born in 7-BC and was likely married to Mary Magdalene. Gardener explains how, according to his research, in the 1st century there was a three-day rule in effect and Jesus had been subject to excommunication - Jesus was prepared for death by decree, meaning that Jesus was nominally sick with death due to come on the fourth day.

On the fourth day, Jesus would either have been entombed and buried alive or would have been resurrected by either the High Priest or the Father Of The Community during the three preceding days - Jesus predicted that he would be resurrected.

At this time, the High Priest who resurrected Jesus was Joseph Caiaphas - the very same man who condemned him. According to the Qu'ran Jesus Christ survived his crucifixion. In The Hidden History Of Jesus And The Holy Grail Sir Laurence Gardener points out in great deal how much of this information may have been misinterpreted or misunderstood.

However, this is only the tip of the iceberg. Research carried out and published by Michael Tsarion in his book, Astro-Theology & Sidereal Mythology, shows how there could be more to this story than we ever could have imagined and how it ties in with government, the Royal family and even extraterrestrial intelligence!

A more detailed write-up on this topic is available here.

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Debbie Allen said...

Wonderful article. Yes I have read Mr. Gardeners book when it was on-line. I think it is still on-line. Someday when I get some money I would love to buy his books. You bet that you get threatened when you tell the truth as I have on good ole HP.

Sparkster said...

I always tend to avoid religious discussions on HP precisely for that reason! Another fantastic book is Astrotheology And Sidereal Mythology by Michael Tsarion.

Debbie Allen said...

I just remembered a book or a person who wrote about Jesus and posted it on my staus, but I wanted to share it with you. Three are two sets of links:

Debbie Allen said...

I started taking my hubs about religion off of HP and putting them on my blog here: