Sunday, 12 April 2015

Is A Global Financial Crash Being Orchestrated?

The world seems to be heading towards global economic collapse and it appears that this financial collapse is being brought about intentionally by government insiders.

According to one source from inside the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), who has taken extraordinary measures in order to remain anonymous, we are already in the middle of a worldwide financial collapse, though most people just don't seem to realize it.

According to the source, the "big bang" will be when people wake up one day to find that they can no longer access their bank accounts, can no longer use their debit/credit cards to pay for goods and services and find that even their pension has been stripped away from them.

According to this source, these events will have been intentionally orchestrated, although they won't be portrayed this way through the mainstream media outlets. Instead, the financial collapse will be blamed on unforeseen events or matters outside of anyone's control.

The source claims that either immediately after these events or concurrently with them, another event will take place to confuse and compound the issue. He claims that a series of executable plans are in place, depending on how the public react to such events - one scenario involves a cyber-attack from an external threat whereas another scenario includes controls and restrictions on travel, business, gun ownership and speech against the government - effectively, Martial Law will be introduced.

According to the DHS insider, “preparations have been finalized to respond to a crisis of unprecedented magnitude”.

The anonymous DHS insider also spoke of the missing $2.3 Trillion in the defense budget, which was revealed by former Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfield on 10th September 2001, the day before the 9/11 attacks.

The source claims that allegations of 9/11 being used a distraction to take the focus off the missing $2.3 Trillion is ludicrous. However, according to official documentation which was later released, the missing $2.3 Trillion was supposedly down to nothing more than computer error.

Despite the $2.3 Trillion allegedly being due to computer error, 34 of the accountants killed in the attack on the Pentagon were the very same people involved in the forensic auditing of defense department spending, who were trying to account for the $2.3 Trillion loss.

The 34 accountants allegedly died in an explosion which left no seats, wings, luggage, debris or any other physical evidence behind.

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