Tuesday, 14 April 2015

NASA STS-48, John Blaha & The "Alien Spacecraft" UFO

As part of Dr Steven Greer's Disclosure project, Harry Jordan testified to being the HAM radio operator who heard (and recorded) a transmission of John Blaha stating "Houston, we still have the alien spacecraft under observance" during NASA's STS-48 mission.

Despite NASA first denying that Blaha ever made the statement (after the recording of the transmission was made public), they later admitted that he did indeed make the statement but they claimed that he was joking. NASA then decided to change their minds again and claimed that Blaha was using the term "alien spacecraft" to refer to the Russian Mir space station.

However, Harry Jordan has confirmed that this was actually the second transmission during the incident and that it was preceded by a similar transmission, "We have the UFO under observation" confirming that the "alien spacecraft" was indeed a UFO of unknown origin.

Amazingly, there is also some remarkable footage of NASA's STS-48 mission available on YouTube which I have included below, which shows an unidentified pulsating glowing orb, which appears to be under intelligent control, coming into Earth's atmosphere before a huge flash of light is followed by a missile shooting up from Earth straight towards the foreign object which suddenly changes direction and shoots off rather rapidly, evading the attack.

Both the transmissions and the video footage, which happened during the same mission, seem to corroborate the testimony of government and military whistleblowers who claim that the US government have shot down and reverse engineered alien technology, possibly by using the alien's own technology against them.

[ Image from Pixabay - Public Domain - http://pixabay.com/en/nasa-usa-kennedy-space-center-621411/ ]


USCwriterinFL said...

I just feel like something big is coming soon! Great video!

Sparkster said...

Yep, me too! You know, I had dinner with family yesterday and my brother-in-law turned round and said "NASA and MIT reckon it's only a matter of years before they find intelligent life" which surprised me because my family generally don't talk about that sort of thing and definitely have no interest in UFOs. I made a point of telling them that NASA, MIT and Library of Congress have already testified and that there's evidence which shows they've already found signs of alien life.