Friday, 3 April 2015

New Documentary About Alien Encounter at School

In the days of September 1994 there were many eyewitness reports of unidentified flying objects gracing the skies of Ruwa in Zimbabwe, a place where the citizens are not that knowledgeable about or familiar with the subject of UFOs.

Approximately two-to-three days later a remarkable event happened at Ariel School, Ruwa involving as many as 62 school children - all of them looked with awe as they watched a UFO land near their school and saw alien beings emerge from the craft.

As the school children looked on, one of the alien entities turned to look directly at one school girl, appeared surprised to see her there and then engaged in telepathic communication with her.

The girl claims that the alien entity was warning her about the damage we are causing to the planet, that we are becoming too "tech-knowledged" and that we need to stop cutting down trees (see the story of Travis Walton - When asked how the alien told her he was concerned, the girl claimed she had received messages in her mind whilst making eye contact with him.

After the incident had occurred, late psychiatrist John E. Mack and late UFO researcher Cynthia Hind went to investigate the incident. Dr Mack interviewed each of the children separately, all of whom showed absolutely no signs whatsoever of perpetrating a lie or a hoax (a difficult thing for any child of that age to do - they even did it on camera while being filmed). All of the children were also asked, individually, to draw pictures of what they saw - all of their images were virtually identical and all of their descriptions the same.

Between 2008 to 2009 researcher and film-maker Randall Nickerson managed to find new witnesses to the event which corroborate the testimony of the school children. In 2010, Nickerson also managed to track down many of the children, now adults, to interview them again and find out what really happened on that September day in 1994.

Another two of the children, now adults, were also found in 2013 and a brand new documentary about the incident is close to completion - I can also confirm that each of the students remain adamant to this day that they know what they saw and the incident affected the life of one of the students quite profoundly.

A trailer to the new movie can be viewed at the
Ariel Phenomena website and an older documentary about the incident can be viewed below.

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Gil Carlson said...

By the way, the different alien races on this planet and their relationship to our government, was very accurately described in the Blue Planet Project Book:

Sparkster said...

I've heard of the Blue Planet project before but have been meaning to go back and check it out again.