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Colonel Philip J Corso & The Reverse Engineering Of Alien Technology (The Day After Roswell)

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In 1997, at the age of 82, Lieutenant Colonel Philip J Corso released a book entitled "The Day After Roswell". Corso died the following year at the age of 83. In the book, Corso claims that whilst he was head of the Foreign Technology desk at the Pentagon he was given top secret security clearance and gained access to the Roswell UFO files.

Corso claims that during this period, he assembled a team to reverse engineer and distribute foreign technology which was actually extraterrestrial in origin to corporations who were contracted to manufacture the technology for the military in black projects, while the companies were granted access to the patents.

Colonel Corso claims he had access to alien autopsy reports and materials that were retrieved from the Roswell wreckage. Corso claims that prior to this, he had been stationed near Roswell in 1947 when him and a colleague (who he names) pried open a crate and found the body of a small alien entity suspended in a vat of liquid.

He claims that, at first, he thought it was the body of a small child but after looking at it's head and seeing its eyes, Corso came to the conclusion that it must have been an extraterrestrial. Corso provided a typical description of the Grays - between 3-ft to 4-ft tall with large heads, over-sized eyes, a small nose which hardly protrudes, a small slit for a mouth, a spindly body and blue-grey coloured skin.

All in all, Colonel Corso claims that technologies such as Kevlar material, lasers, particle beam weapons, fiber optics and integrated circuits (microchips) were all reverse engineered from UFO crashes, the microchip supposedly coming from a UFO which allegedly exploded in 1949 (confirmed in released FBI documents).

After the release of his book, Corso appeared in many television interviews, provided testimony and left signed affadavits before he died. Thousands of documents have been declassified which confirm much of Corso's story and he cannot be debunked properly even over 15 years after he died.

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