Monday, 18 May 2015

Representational Systems & Human Perception

Human Perception
Representational systems are based on our five external senses; sight, sound, smell, taste and touch. Most people have one primary representational system, one that they use the majority of the time. However, this is not always the case as there are some people who may use a combination of more than one representational system primarily. Such people are usually more intuitive and are often highly creative.

People don't always use their primary representational system(s) and may use different combinations at different times. A musician's primary system is likely to be auditory whereas an artist's primary system is likely to be visual. In general, a persons hobbies may give indication to what primary representational system they use (which one they use most often) and they will find themselves excelling at things which involve utilizing those representational systems.

It's possible that people's strongest representational systems may result in others being weak. For example, a musician may have a strong auditory system but a weak visual system whereas an artist or painter may have a strong visual system but a weak auditory system. For this reason the musician may find it hard to start painting and the artist may find it difficult to learn music. However, representational systems can be strengthened which would result in those tasks becoming easier.

Visualization is one method of practicing strengthening the visual representational system and is often recommended in order to have a clear focus on your goals. This also ties in with the law of attraction. Strengthening these internal systems is very much like hypnosis; you are focusing internally and imagining what's it like to clearly see, hear, feel, taste or touch them.

Strengthening our internal representational systems also results in us becoming more consciously aware of the things going on around us. We can then utilize that information (subconsciously) in order to get where we would like to be.

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