Thursday, 18 June 2015

DMT: The Spirit Molecule

DMT (short for DiMethylTryptamine) is a naturally occurring, hallucinogenic chemical which is found in just about all forms of life on Earth, including humans, animals, insects, plants, trees, flowers and much more. It is currently believed that DMT, Dimethyltryptamine, may be the chemical responsible for some people having out-of-body experiences and it may even play a part in the alien abduction phenomenon.

Amazingly, researchers and scientists with PhD's have been experimenting heavily with DMT by consuming large quantities of it orally, smoking it and injecting it and so far the chemical has shown to have had no particularly harmful effects. However, the chemical does have extremely potent hallucinogenic properties and many users, after consuming enough DMT, report the sensation of being blasted out of their physical human bodies and out into deep space where they experienced what would be referred to as universal consciousness.

They reported that, as their soul left their physical bodies, all of their five senses started to merge into one universal sense which allowed them to perceive everything and they realized that all life, all people, all planets, all galaxies and the whole universe were all one and that they are all interconnected. For some people, taking DMT can be a profound and life-changing experience.

When people have out-of-body experiences they are usually experiencing a natural surge of DMT - the question is why?

Although DMT is already illegal in some countries (such as the UK), scientists and researchers in other countries are mystified not just by it's effects but also by the fact that it is so abundant throughout life on Earth - an indication that the chemical must have a very good reason for being there. The fact that DMT is so abundant and naturally present throughout life on Earth results in a multitude of questions needing to be asked and suggests that these experiences may very well be real.

Can plants, trees and flowers experience consciousness?

Many top researchers and scientists are of the belief that DMT may hold the key to the truth about life after death.

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