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Colonel Philip J Corso: Dawn Of A New Age - Reverse-Engineering Alien UFO Technology

Although it was never officially published, Dawn Of A New Age is the title given to the writing of Lieutenant Colonel Philip J Corso, which had been written prior to the publishing of the book, The Day After Roswell, in 1997.

Dawn Of A New Age is said to contain genuine notes and recommendations that Corso made to his superior, General Arthur Trudeau and is available to download for free from several various online sources. Dawn Of A New Age could be considered to be somewhat of a prequel to The Day After Roswell, though Colonel Corso died in 1998 at the age of 83 not knowing if this writing would ever be released to the public. After claiming in The Day After Roswell that he once saw a dead alien entity suspended in a vat of liquid and that as head of the Foreign Technology division at the Pentagon he distributed technologies of alien origin to corporations to be reverse engineered, Dawn Of A New Age provides much more insight into Corso's claims and also reveals how he once saw a landed UFO in the desert and how he handled a charred microchip (integrated circuit) which came from a UFO that exploded in 1949, before it was reverse engineered.

The information contained in Dawn Of A New Age corroborates a lot of the information published in The Day After Roswell and Corso also names many more people, companies and corporations who were involved with the UFO/alien presence. Corso also outlines the timeline of the development of the microchip and the miniaturization of supercomputers, how devices have been removed from the bodies of alien abductees and how radar signals had interfered with UFOs, causing them to crash.

In Dawn Of A New Age Colonel Corso also claims:"The UFO Working Group, which is stili in existence today, originally consisted of seventeen meri [sic]: one Army and three Air Force generaƬs [sic], DIA scientists, an Army colonel, three NSA officiala [sic], a supervisor from the CIA's Domestic Collection Division, as well as a technical team from the CIA's Science and Technology Directorate".

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