Saturday, 20 June 2015

Welcome To The Quantum Age (Quantum Mind)

The Reality Of The Quantum Mind

Something revolutionary is happening in the world. We are now in a time where science and psychology are meeting in the middle and combining together to form a new and emerging science of consciousness.

According to quantum physics all physical matter including our physical bodies are, at the subatomic level, made up of nothing more than energy vibrating at various frequencies. Essentially, everything in existence is nothing more than energy. According to the recent scientific theory of biocentrism, proposed by the third most important scientist alive, as voted by New York Times, Dr Robert Lanza, consciousness can exist outside of the human mind and body.

The Quantum AgeUniversal Consciousness

The theory of biocentrism may lend credence to one of the oldest philosophical doctrines known to man; the theory of panpsychism. Panpsychism is made from the words psyche (consciousness) and pan (all over), which suggests that consciousness exists everywhere.

Quantum mechanics is now at a point where it is beginning to explain how we, as observers, are responsible for creating our own perception of reality. In other words, our minds create our reality and not the other way round. That is, the universe is beginning to seem more like a giant matrix or hologram or perhaps a giant thought inside the mind of God - existence is universal consciousness experiencing itself subjectively and this is also indicated by the holographic imaging processing phenomenon in psychology and also by the holographic universe theory in physics.

In both science and psychology, it is known that everything we perceive is processed by the brain. When we see something, we do not see it with our eyes. Rather, our eyes absorb the information and then sends it to the brain which decodes it and tells us what to see. The same applies to our five main senses. Amazingly, it seems that psychology may have been on to the true nature of reality well before physics was.

Dawn Of A New Age

Back in the late 1800's there was massive movement in the field of New Thought philosophy. By the early 1900's New Thought had started to fade in popularity and was pretty much taken over by Positivism. By the 1970's NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming), which now has many offshoots, was developed.

Whilst both New Thought philosophy and Neuro Linguistic Programming have been heavily criticized and officially labelled as pseudoscience, quantum physics is now beginning to prove that they could have been closer to the truth than previously realized. Both NLP and New Thought were very largely precursors to the New Age movement.

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