Friday, 19 June 2015

Why You Should Avoid The Snopes Website

Snopes is a website that was launched in 1995 and as far as they claim, the website attempts to debunk urban legends, folklore, myths, rumors and misinformation. Many people regard Snopes as an official and reliable source of information. It isn't.

Snopes is not an official, reliable or reputable website as a source of authentic information. Rather, the website was launched by David and Barbara Mikkelson who claim that their intention is "not merely to dismiss or confirm misconceptions and rumors but to provide evidence for such debunkings and confirmation as well." - despite this claim, the Snopes website is absolutely choc-a-bloc full of badly researched information, false information, misinformation and plenty of disinformation much of which can easily be proven to be inaccurate.

Whilst FactCheck have investigated the information on the Snopes website and have found the views and opinions of the Mikkelsons to be "unbiased", their main argument (and a very weak one) for this is because Barbara was a citizen of Canada and was therefore not allowed to vote in US elections and that David was an independent who was once registered as a Republican - does this really make them a reliable and reputable source of information? It seems to me that this belief is based on presumption and bias in the first place (confirmation bias).

Now, here is the scary truth: anyone who even visits the Snopes website automatically gives Snopes the permission and authority to spy on your internet activities and video record your every movement on the internet! Believe it or not, they actually tell you this themselves on the Snopes website. So, not only do Snopes track what you do on their own website but they also track everything else you do online too whilst video recording everything you're doing.

Does that really sound like something a reliable, reputable and official source of genuine information would do? Or does it, perhaps, sound more like something the NSA would do? Additionally, Snopes will ignore any information you provide in the comments section which counteracts their claims and will not approve those comments.

The bottom line is that Snopes is nothing more than a disinformation and spying operation that will track everything you do on the internet once you've visited their site. By visiting their site in the first place, you have unwittingly given them permission to do so and this is why you should avoid the Snopes website.

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Debbie Allen said...

I use Hoax Slayer mostly. I have found a few descrepancies on Snopes too and that got me to not rely on them anymore. Thanks for you post and I will share.

Sparkster said...

Thanks for your input and for sharing! I also believe Snopes have been intercepting my Facebook account ever since I visited their website.