Thursday, 6 August 2015

NASA STS-48: US Government Attacks UFO

NASA: Never A Straight Answer
As part of NASA's infamous 1991 STS-48 mission, video footage was recorded of a UFO coming into Earth's atmosphere. 

The video shows how, once the unidentified object came close enough to Earth's atmosphere, a particle beam emanating from Earth identified the location of the object followed by a missile shot up from the ground hurtling straight towards the UFO in an attempt to destroy it. 

Presumably, this was a result of the SDI (Strategic/Space Defense Initiative), otherwise known as the "Star Wars" program, the setup of which was completed by former US President, Ronald Reagan. Although it is claimed that the Strategic Defense Initiative was set up to defend against meteors and asteroids that were heading for Earth, many whistleblowers and witnesses have claimed that the SDI is also used to protect against alien spacecraft coming into Earth's atmosphere.

Colonel Philip J Corso who wrote the book, The Day After Roswell, has written and spoken about the "Star Wars" program and claimed that the US government were using particle beams and HAARP-type weapons to bring down UFOs, allegedly using the alien's own technology against them after reverse engineering it from the 1947 Roswell UFO crash wreckage (and other UFO crashes).

When the missile begins to close in on the unidentified object in the video footage, it becomes clear that the object must be under intelligent control when it makes an abrupt turn in the opposite direction and suddenly shoots off at high speed, completely evading the attack (see video below)! During this very same mission, astronaut John Blaha was recorded on HAM radio stating "we still have the alien spacecraft under observance" which had been preceded by a similar statement, "we have the alien spacecraft under observation".

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Daniel Williams said...

According to my research this particle beam technology was given to the U.S. in the second Treaty of Grenada (1963) by the Zeta's (Grey's) as part of a deal that allowed the Zeta's to establish more underground bases for their hybridization programs and to allow for a larger personnel exchange program (see Secret Journey to Planet Serpo).

These videos are part of the acclimation program designed to allow humanity to awaken to an eventual Full Disclosure announcement, they are 'leaked' to the public. The 'Treaty' allows for Full Disclosure by 2015 or the Zeta's can do it for them, obviously the Cabal is stalling.