Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Scientists Prove Backwards Time Travel Is Possible

Back in June 2014, it was announced that scientists had proven that time-travel into the past is possible.

An article, entitled Experimental simulation of closed timelime curves, was published in the peer-reviewed journal, Nature, which explained how scientists at the University Of Queenland had successfully simulated quantum particles traveling through time using photons.

(a photon is an elementary subatomic particle, the quantum of light and every other form of electromagnetic radiation).

In two different cases of simulating the behaviour of two photons interacting with each other, in the first case a photon passed through a wormhole and then, rather amazingly, started interacting with it's older self.  In the second instance, a photon traveling through normal space-time interacted with a photon that was permanently trapped inside a closed timeline curve.

The results of the experiment demonstrate how the 'grandfather paradox' could be resolved at the quantum level.  The 'grandfather paradox' says that if someone went back in time and did something to prevent their own grandparents from meeting, then they would never have been born and therefore would never have set out to travel through time in the first place.

The theory that time-travel is possible at the quantum level was first predicted in 1991, due to the fact that quantum particles almost behave beyond the realms  of  physics.  Whilst the results show that time-travel to the past is only possible at the quantum level, it does prove that time-travel at a large scale is not an impossibility, though is still considered improbable. 

[ Image from Pixabay - Public Domain - http://pixabay.com/en/clock-wave-period-time-fear-439147/ ]

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