Sunday, 25 October 2015

The Reality Of Psychotronic Mind Control

Many people are quick to dismiss or ridicule psychotronic (psycho-electronic) technology as paranoid delusion or fantasy and many believe that such a thing is not even scientifically possible.

However, EEG (Electroencephalography) is one example of widely used modern technology which is capable of reading brain wave activity and can therefore be considered to be a psychotronic device. Additionally, there are many people who now have microchips implanted and integrated with their brains.

Some medical patients that have such implants are now capable of controlling the mouse cursor on their computer and left or right clicking the mouse by simply using the power of thought. The microchip implant reads the brain waves and encodes the data before sending it to the computer wirelessly so that the computer can understand the command.

It seems that the ridiculous conspiracy theories of years ago are now becoming a reality. Such chip implants have already been used in China to test the feasibility of plans for a wireless, cashless society whereby all monetary currency would be regulated digitally by microchip implants. 

Psychotronic Technology

Of course, the most basic forms of psychotronic technology which can be used for mind control purposes are radio and television. The easiest way this would be achieved is by including subliminal messages, indirect suggestions and embedded commands which can be masked behind the music or can be incorporated into spoken sentences. This way you won't even consciously notice them but your subconscious would pick up on them without you realizing.

The less consciously aware you are that psychological manipulation is taking place, the more likely your subconscious is to pick up on the information and follow orders. For this reason, electronic devices are perfect for carrying out covert mind control techniques stealthily and unnoticed, hence the field of psychotronics. Whereas approximately two-thirds of all people are prone to the power of suggestion, those who are not usually prone to it are more receptive to it if they are unaware that it's happening. Additionally, they are even more receptive again to it if it's done using psychotronic technology.

Psychotronic Interference & Scanning

In 1974, a method of inducing sleep in a target subject by using radio waves was patented in Russia and by 2014 many sleep-inducing technologies were publicly available, such as trackers, apps and light bulbs - all psychotronic devices.

It's also a scientifically known fact that ultrasound frequencies resonate with the human eyeball and can cause humans to experience hallucinations and this is another way that people can be manipulated using psychotronic technology.

By 2015, scientists announced that they had successfully induced REM (Rapid Eye Movement) sleep in mice by using light in what they call the field of optogenetics. They discovered that REM episodes can be triggered in mice simply by shining a light directly on to specific neurons or brain cells. Allegedly, psychotronic technology developed by the military is easily just as capable of planting thoughts in a target's mind as it at reading, or scanning (psychotronic scanning), them and this ties in with the Project Bluebeam conspiracy theory. 

Psychotronic Warfare

If conspiracy theories surrounding both the Russian military and the US military are to be believed, then they have already developed and utilized psycho-electronic devices used for psychotronic torture and covert psychological warfare purposes. Seeing as the US military were using weather modification techniques as early as the 1960's in order to carry out covert warfare, it makes sense that they would be developing psychotronic devices by now.

Whereas official US military documentation shows how they were modifying the weather for covert warfare purposes as early as the 1960's, more recently it has been proven that they are indeed now spraying chemtrails. Many people believe there are multiple reasons for these chemtrails and that one of those reasons is to allow the propagation of holograms, as part of the Project Bluebeam deception, in order to fake an alien invasion.

Project Bluebeam theorists propose that, in addition to the holograms, psychotronic technology will be used to project the voice of whatever deity is they worship into the minds of the unsuspecting public to make them think that their God is speaking to them and to command them to follow orders. The ultimate outcome supposedly being an oppressive, totalitarian, one world socialist government, one global currency and one world religion with the antichrist sat the top.

It may sound outrageous to some, it may seem outlandish to others but make no mistake about it - psychotronic technology exists, it can already be used to receive and transmit thought and to carry out covert warfare and it's only going to evolve from here.

[ Image: Geralt at Pixabay - Public Domain - ]

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