Tuesday, 27 October 2015

The Secret Fundamental Law Of Attraction

You may have discovered on the internet a book entitled The Secret. This book’s claims go as so far as to claim a genuine proven way to become rich, healthy and successful at everything you do… 

...and people selling this book, and others like it, are making plenty of money from sales!

The Secret is actually based on the very simple principal of the psychological Fundamental Law of Attraction. Despite common belief, the law of attraction is not just simply about attracting the things you want in life by thinking about them, it actually goes a lot deeper than that.

The law of attraction claims that whatever a person consciously holds in their mind and feels emotionally attached to and genuinely desires, they will naturally attract those things by subconsciously influencing the world around them. Whilst many people believe the law of attraction to be nothing more than pseudo-science or a supernatural belief, it actually has it’s roots based in basic psychology.

Using well-formed outcomes in NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) is the same thing as using the law of attraction. People, including you and I, often act upon impulse, at the sight or sound or memory of something already stored in the mind which triggers a subconscious cue into the conscious mind bringing it to our attention.

If you consistently and consciously think about something for long enough and have a real passion for that subject or desire then your subconscious mind kicks into action in order to help make it happen.

There are many notable people who claim to have used the law of attraction to attain their success, including famous guitarist Steve Vai and Hollywood actor, Jim Carey.

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