Wednesday, 6 January 2016

What Is Social Engineering?

In the world of Information Technology (IT), Social Engineering refers to a technique used by hackers in order to attain information which can then be exploited.

This is usually done by getting people to reveal small details about themselves during seemingly innocent conversation.

They may do so by subtly slipping in questions like "how old are you?" and "when is your birthday?" or "have you got a middle name?" to get the victim to reveal information which can potentially be used to hack their passwords.

In the world of politics or "political science" the term Social Engineering refers to methods and attitudes used to influence society on a large scale, often by using tactics such as subliminal persuasion which talk directly to the subconscious.

However, Social Engineering can also be carried out on a smaller scale by one or more people on one or more unsuspecting victims, in order to create and influence seemingly real-life events which manipulate the victim into the desired outcome or to install sets of false beliefs.

Social Engineering is not to be taken lightly and the term can also be used to describe some of the tactics that may be employed by narcissists, sociopaths and psychopaths when attempting to coerce their victim(s) into a trap.

[ Image: Geralt at Pixabay - Public Domain - ]

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