Thursday, 18 February 2016

The Art Of Speed Reading

Many of us who read hundreds of articles every day may sometimes find ourselves automatically skimming over the words, or perhaps "speed reading", especially when we know we have a lot of reading to get through.

Whilst many people are of the opinion that speed-reading is just a myth, it has actually been scientifically proven to work, if done properly.

Of course, just skimming over the words or paragraphs on a page is not speed-reading.

Speed-reading works because when we read, our mind actually recognizes the visual patterns that make up each word, rather than having to read every single letter of each word individually. So, essentially, as long as our mind absorbs the visual patterns that make up each word on the page, then we are still reading the full content contained on that page.

Additionally, our subconscious mind is an extremely powerful tool which remembers the finer details that our conscious mind doesn't pay attention to. It's true that small trivial details from an event which we would usually not remember can be recalled easily whilst under hypnosis. Speed-reading is not just something that many of us find ourselves doing naturally but it is also an art which can be mastered with a bit of practice.

The best way of learning to speed-read is to have three visual points on each line of text; one at the beginning, one at the center and one at the end. These are your three points of focus for reading each line of text, ensuring your mind recognizes the visual patterns of each word contained in between.

At first, you may not be consciously aware of what it is you are reading but tests have shown that the information is indeed being absorbed by the subconscious and can be easily retrieved by letting the information come to you naturally.

[ Image: Hermann @ Pixabay - Public Domain - ]

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